JFOW: Kathy Lette

The Revenge Club

Saturday 28 September / 20.00-21.00 at Freedom Centre

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Featured image of JFOW: Kathy Lette

Author and Festival Patron Cathy Rentzenbrink will be in conversation with celebrated and outspoken comedic writer and performer Kathy Lette. This new novel de-livers another subversive irreverent romp from the international bestselling author and broadcast journalist, whose first book Puberty Blues was published when she was just 17.


Best friends Matilda, Penny, Cressida and Jo are approaching their sixties with flair until, one by one, their bubbles are burst. Confronted by a society that believes they’re all past their amuse-by dates, the friends vow to face their non-entity crises together. Each has been trampled on by men, so it’s time for a little revenge. Let the games begin!