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Q: I have not received my refund yet. Could you please advise when refunds are likely to be forthcoming?

A. We kindly ask for your patience as we process refunds in chronological order. Refunds for purchases made online are currently being processed automatically within a few days from receipt of our automated e-mail regarding cancellation.

It may be that your purchase was made before November 2019, when we had our new ticketing system installed or that an alternative type of payment was used, e.g. Chip & pin, gift tokens or cash purchases. All such purchases will be refunded via cheque; however we may require additional information to ensure that our records are up to date. Therefore we kindly ask you to contact us on boxoffice@jerseyoperahouse.co.uk with your current postal address. This is to ensure that the cheque will be delivered directly and securely to you with no unnecessary delays.

Q: I have not received any information on show cancellation. What shall I do?

A. All cancelled shows are marked as cancelled on our website and all ticket holders should be notified about cancellation via automated e-mail if tickets were purchased online. If you haven’t received any information yet it may be that we are currently working on postponing or rescheduling the event or we may need to update your e-mail address in our database. Please contact us at: boxoffice@jerseyoperahouse.co.uk

Q. I would like to support Jersey Opera House through a donation. How can I do that?

A. At this extremely difficult period, we must come together to support each other. Theatre as an industry relies on its audiences entirely to exist. We will rely on you now more than ever.

Should you wish to donate or support our theatre, please visit: jerseyoperahouse.co.uk/support/donations/

You may also support us by following our Facebook page. Your posts and comments are keeping us strong.

Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Other FAQs

Q. Why does the website not always give running times for shows?

A.  The producers are not always able to provide Jersey Opera House with accurate running times for the shows until a few days prior to  the performance date. If the timings are essential for travel arrangements, please phone the theatre on the performance date.

Q. What option should I choose for a small child when booking on-line?

A. Please choose concession type ‘student’ as this covers all children up to school leaving age.

Q. Do you provide booster seats?

A. Jersey Opera House does provide booster seats. Please ask a steward before the performance starts.

Q. Why are there not concessions on all shows, especially comedians?

A. On many shows, such as amateur and stand-up comedians, the theatre has to adhere to the performers / directors’ wishes, especially  in instances when Jersey Opera House is hired.

Q. Why when booking seats does it show that the theatre is ‘FULL’ on so many shows?

A. When choosing your seat, ‘FULL’ refers to a FULL price seat. If a show does sell out this will be displayed clearly on the main booking page.

Q.  Can I get a refund?

A.  Jersey Opera House has a No Refund Policy.  Please click here for more information

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. The only animals allowed in the theatre are guide dogs.

Q. Where can I park?

A. There are two car parks within walking distance of the theatre; Patriotic Street and Sand Street.  Parking is free from 5pm to 8am and on Sundays.

Q. I am in a wheelchair.  My companion will be accompanying me.  Do they need to pay for a ticket?

A. Your carer will be entitled to a complimentary ticket when they accompany you to the theatre?