A Life Less Ordinary

Panel Event / Jem Lester, Penny Joelson, Vanessa Potter

Jem Lester’s darkly funny and emotive debut novel Schtum is based on his own experiences, with narrator Ben Jewell struggling to survive as a single father to profoundly autistic ten-year-old Jonah. In Penny Joelson’s Young Adult novel I Have No Secrets fourteen-year-old Penny discovers the identity of a cruel murderer, yet is powerless to do anything (or is she?) due to her severe cerebral palsy which renders her seemingly unable to communicate. And in her debut book, Patient H69, film producer and mother of two Vanessa Potter reveals the torment and terror of being struck blind by Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder, and her subsequent lengthy recovery.

Join these three authors for a fascinating panel discussion on their work, with a focus on the various challenges faced when attempting to communicate without the common senses. Chairing the discussion will be radio presenter Sara Palmer.

A portion of all ticket proceeds for this event will be donated to Autism Jersey, Scope & Eyecan Jersey Blind Society.

Event sponsored by NASUWT.