JOHN CLEESE – An Evening of Silly Things

John Cleese presents “An Evening of Silly Things “

Mr Cleese, who until recently was a Living Legend, was last week promoted to British Institution. In that capacity, he will be regaling his Jersey audience with a wide variety

of silly behaviours, incomprehensible mimes, and Algerian love songs. These will be interspersed with moments of great philosophical significance and profound spiritual insights even sillier than the other bits.

Mr Cleese, who is also a Cultural Icon and a National Treasure, will not be discussing the emotional distress he suffered as a result of being overlooked for a knighthood. His friends suggest that he may soon be entering the political arena, so that he can spend less time with his family.

He welcomes question from his audience, especially about British History and Cooking.



STALLS: £28.00*



* Concessions £2 OFF