Locrian Ensemble: Vivaldi By Candlelight


Stalls: 21.50
Dress: 23.50-24.50
Upper: 19.50-20.50

Britain’s best-loved classical touring  ensemble, the  Locrian, present  a musical  tribute to  the great Venetian  composer, Antonio Vivaldi.

Attired in lavish  period costume, performing in  front of a stunning classical set,  these charismatic musicians perform  Vivaldi’s Four Seasons,  a composition which depicts 17th century Italian  rural life in a  wonderfully inventive manner . Other works include the  virtuoso  Concerto for Two Violins, the Rustic Symphony, and  classics   such as Pachelbel’s Canon, and Handel’s Arrival of the Queen of   Sheba.

Step back for a while from the hectic pace of our anxious  times,  into the elegance and grace of the Baroque, whilst  listening to harmonies  of this great melodic genius weaving his  magical spell.

“The  Locrian were spirited and  sensitive, their rapport was excellent, and the  result was utter  pleasure”

The Daily Telegraph